The answers to our Bryan Talbot festival poster competition

How many of the characters referenced in our festival poster, designed by Bryan Talbot, did you spot?

We launched a competition to find the people who really know their comic characters. The competition ended today and we now have five winners who we are notifying today.

We have to admit, it wasn’t easy! Officially there are 27 characters referenced in the poster. These are the ones Bryan says he was referencing in the poster:

In the sky: Thor, Moebius’s Arzak

LakesFestivalPosterOn the Clock Tower: Spiderman, Hugo Prat’s Corto Maltese, George Herriman’s Krazy Kat, Hunt Emerson’s Firkin the Cat, Gilbert Shelton’s Fat Freddy’s Cat

Badges on left side: Joe Sacco image of himself, Judge Dredd, Sid the Sexist from Viz, Tintin, generic manga character, character from Sean Phillip’s Criminal

Badge on T-shirt: Art Spiegelman’s Maus

Right hand side badges: Andy Capp, Dan Dare, V for Vendetta by Dave Lloyd, Alack Sinner by Jose Munoz, Duncan Fegredo’s Hellboy, Steve Bell’s Tony Blair, Batman (just about visible!)

Figure: Helen Potter from Bryan’s The Tale of One Bad Rat. She is wearing: Minnie the Minx’s hat, The Spirit’s mask, Superman T-shirt, Luther Arkwright Hussar’s jacket and reading Tamara Drewe.

Bryan also said that the jacket Helen is wearing could also be Nelson’s jacket from Nelson.

A couple of people also suggested the mask could be Robin’s and several people thought one of the cats was Korky.  So a few others may also be debateable.  We’ll leave you to decide.

In case you’re wondering, yes there is also a Peppa Pig badge. However, on reflection Bryan concluded that she is not technically a comic book character because the stories are not done in a sequential, strip art form. Controversial! Maybe.

As I said, this was a very difficult competition.  Eight people gave it a go (assuming our emails were working properly!)

No one identified all the characters correctly. Nevertheless, there were a number of very impressive responses from people who clearly know their comic art.  Two people identified 24 of the characters Bryan says he referenced in the poster but the others also did remarkably well.  We’ve therefore decided to give the prizes to all eight of the entrants.

Bryan will be signing copies of the festival poster on 9 May and we’ll then be sending these out to the winners, together with our festival mugs.

Thanks to all those who took part and well done on identifying so many of the characters.



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