The Comics Clock Tower

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival wants to highlight the diversity of the UK comic arts community. One of the ways we will be doing this is in the Comics Clock Tower, which will be our version of comics marketplace.

We got a lot of interest from people wanting to exhibit at the festival and we’ve just written to let people know whether they will have a table in the Comics Clock Tower. Unfortunately we’ve not been able to give everyone space at the festival this year but we hope that even those who have not got a table this time will pay us a visit.

Anyway it’s probably a good point for us to set out what we’re trying to achieve in the Comics Clock Tower.

Over the course of the festival, the iconic Kendal Town Hall will be the venue for the Comics Clock Tower, where writers and artists will be signing, sketching, and selling their original creations. It is here that occult antiquarians will rub shoulders with urban teen vigilantes; slacker vampires will size-up the Romantic poets; and tales will be told from the big city and the small town.

This will not be like the traditional marketplaces that people are used to at comic conventions. For one thing, the venue is relatively small (so we’re not able to accommodate as many exhibitors as other comic events).

Our aim for this part of the festival is to champion some of the breaking talent of all styles and genres. Our focus is on writers and artists who are pioneers of a new wave of innovators in the field of comics and graphic storytelling. We are striving to celebrate them, and in the process introduce their work to a whole new audience.

We have therefore curated a roster of writers, artists and publishers of the highest quality, tailoring our venue and schedule around individual personalities.

There will be an emphasis on creators working or living in the North of England. However, there will also be a selection of cutting edge creators from across the country, as well leading UK publishers. And of course, many of the big name writers and artists visiting the festival will be appearing in the Comics Clock Tower over the weekend.

We will be providing full details about exhibitors who will be featured in the Comics Clock Tower at the festival on the website and in this blog in May.


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